My Linux dotfiles repository
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Dotfiles configurations for headless Ubuntu 20.04 linux environments. Be sure to clone recursively if you want to grab updated plugins / submodules included. For example, using Pathogen with Vim to manage plugins requires that the plugin to be installed are cloned to the ~/.vim/bundle/ directory. Cloning recursively allows git to clone these same nested repositories/submodules within this directory so Pathogen can handle running the Vim plugins.

Once installed, editing source code in vim supports features displayed in the screenshot below

Vim screenshot

Install Dotfiles

Easiest installation is to clone repository into home directory -

git clone --recursive ~/dot
cd ~/dot/
stow --adopt .

If you'd rather clone elsewhere -

git clone --recursive /path/to/dot
cd /path/to/dot/
stow --adopt -t ~ .

Warning: --adopt is used to link conflicting files, but doing so could result in the loss of some configs within your local copy of the repository. After running stow --adopt ., be sure to check git status is clean. If a file has been modified, discard the local changes to be up-to-date with origin/master and it will be restored on your system as well, since the files are now linked.

We could run the following commands to restore changed files

git checkout -- .vimrc
# Or, to step through each change interactively using git..
git checkout -p
# Or restore the current directory
git restore .

If you forget to clone recursively

git submodule update --init
Submodule path '.vim/bundle/Colorizer': checked out '53ada285f0acc171acda4280b6144e468dded89f'
Submodule path '.vim/bundle/ale': checked out '7265ceb6d050d1a4642741d248f11e4f2abd37e1'
Submodule path '.vim/bundle/clang_complete': checked out '0b98d7533ad967aac3fc4c1a5b0508dafa8a676f'
Submodule path '.vim/bundle/supertab': checked out '40fe711e088e2ab346738233dd5adbb1be355172'
Submodule path '.vim/bundle/unicode.vim': checked out '29f43f7b1be94dccfac461f4da0a34410408111f'
Submodule path '.vim/bundle/vim-airline': checked out '6d665580a3435f21ad560af192d854d4b608fff5'
Submodule path '.vim/bundle/vim-airline-themes': checked out '0d5c5c1e2995126e76606a628316c8e3f5efb37a'
Submodule path '.vim/bundle/vim-signify': checked out '16eee41d2b267523b84bd4ac111627588bfd1a47'

Install Clang Completion

These configurations require the installation of clang for clang completion

If you don't want clang completion, just remove the plugin directory from ~/.vim/bundle/.

If you don't remove clang completion and skip the following steps, vim will show errors when opening source code files. This is because these configurations use clang completion for source code auto completion and drop-down menus within vim.

Note that the printf command may take some time to finish, since it is searching your system for a needed file.

sudo apt install clang
printf "export LIBCLANG=\""$(find /usr/ -name 2>/dev/null)"\"\n\n" >> .bash_aliases
echo "let g:clang_library_path=\$LIBCLANG" >> ~/.vimrc
source ~/.bashrc